domingo, 12 de setembro de 2010

Life at Mamirauá

So Friday we went to do a census of the botos (river dolphins) on the intire reserve and this is what we found on the very end of it! Well.. we saw arounf 1000 caimans on the way (3 hour boat drive) and some other that we couldn´t see also... It´s dry season so the reserve lakes and rivers are really low, fish flying inside the boat, don´t even need to use a harpoon to catch them! lol
Oh yeah, the botos, don´t even have to say that they are awesome! Love them!!!
And I thought I had brought a pic of the floating house I´m living in but I guess I didn´t.. next time I come to Tefé (so called "civilization") I´ll post it here.. don´t have too much time to write right now so just gonna post soe pics and next time will write a little bit more! Miss u all!
Lunch time!!!

quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

life is definetely good

Just to say life is good! Have a baby anteater to feed right now so won't write much.. don't even have too right? :)